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VMware Validated Design is Discontinued

VMware Validated Design is a family of solutions for data center designs that span compute, storage, networking, and management, serving as a blueprint for your Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) implementation. The documentation of VMware Validated Design consists of succeeding deliverables for all stages of the SDDC life cycle.

VMware Validated Design has been discontinued after VMware Validated Design 6.2 and VMware Cloud Foundation 4.2. Starting with VMware Cloud Foundation 4.3, the guidance for the SDDC components natively supported by the VMware Cloud Foundation automation is moved to the VMware Cloud Foundation documentation and the guidance for the solutions on top of VMware Cloud Foundation is now published under a new class of technical reference implementations called VMware Validated Solutions. You can find the VMware Validated Solutions documentation on The Cloud Platform Tech Zone and the VMware Cloud Foundation Documentation page.

Read More about VVD design via the link:

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