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VMware Promotion for Endpoint Management and Security Learning Started from Q1: Feb to April 2021

Please feel free to register before 30th April 2021 if you are interested to learn more about VMware Endpoint Management and Security.

Promotion link:

Full Terms and Conditions

1. Promotion Period: The Promotion shall begin on 01.02.2021 and shall end on 30.04.2020 (“Promotion Period” dd/mm/yyyy).

2. Promotion Description: Students will receive 1-year access to the premium subscription content on VMware Customer Connect Learning™ platform upon completion of an eligible course, subject to promotion eligibility.

3. Promotion Eligibility: A student becomes eligible once they have successfully paid, using the below promotion code, and attended the eligible course within the promotion period. Once their status has been switched to “completed” to show their attendance on the class, they will receive an email with instructions on how to access their subscription content.

Promotional referral code = “EMEAWSOQ1”

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