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VMware Proactive Solution "Skyline"

Based on my experience as a Technical Account Manager in VMware Saudi Arabia looking after TAM customers in the eastern province. I will would like to share with you some useful information which can help our VMware customers to avoid problems before they occur and save time of troubleshooting.

Currently the below products are supported in latest Skyline version 2.5:

  1. vSphere 5.5 or above

  2. NSX-T 6.0 or above

  3. NSX-V or above

  4. NSX-T Data Center or above

  5. Horizon View: 7.0 and above

  6. vRealize Operations Manager: 6.6 and above

Skyline is the perfect proactive solution from VMware to provide you with proactive findings.

In addition, Skyline will be providing you with the following added features:

1- Log Assist to be able to upload support bundle within same location with less effort.

2- Upgrade Recommendations to all of the endpoints added in Skyline Collector.

VMware Skyline Frequently Asked Questions

For more details about VMware Skyline Documentation refer to below link:

For information about VMware Skyline Collector Installation and Configuration Guide refer to below link:

VMware Skyline Data Collection Examples

Release notes:

To get started please go to

Video Links:

YouTube Demo:

VMware HOL:

YouTube Channel:


Ahmed AlAlawi

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