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How to upgrade VMware vRealize Network Insight from 5.0 to 6.1

What is new in vRNI 6.1

Network Assurance and Verification

Intent Based Analytics Support for Link Metering for VMware SD-WAN

Intent Based Analytics for Monitoring Edge Uplink Utilization

Layer 7 Service Information from NSX Intelligence

NSX-T Monitoring and Troubleshooting

VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC on AWS)

Physical Device Monitoring and Troubleshooting




vRealize Network Insight Platform and some others


Upgrade sequence:

  1. Upgrade from 5.0 to 5.2 and then to 5.3

  2. Upgrade 5.3 to to 6.0 and then to 6.1

Please check the Upgrade Path in Product Interoperability Matrix -

Upgrade Prerequisites:

  1. The vRealize Network Insight 5.1 will replace the PostgreSQL to Foundation DB.

  2. Make sure to backup the vRNI Platform cluster during a maintenance window -

  3. Verify disk space requirements for platform and collector server -

Size of Database according to Setup Size

Small - Data Size: 20GB to 40GB - Node Count: 1 - Typical Migration Time: 1 to 2 hours

Medium - Data Size: 60GB to 100GB - Node Count: 3 nodes - Typical Migration Time: 7 to 10 hours

Large One cloud setups: Data Size: 500GB - Node Count: 10 nodes cluster - Typical Migration Time: 15 to 20 hours​

XL (Megatron): Data Size: 1 TB - Node Count: 10 node cluster - Typical Migration Time: 35 to 40 hours​

There are 3 diifferent modes for the upgrade below:

  1. Online -

  2. Single-Click Offline Upgrade -

  3. CLI Upgrade -


Product Interoperability Matrix-

vRealize Network Insight 6.1 Release Notes-

What's New in vRealize Network Insight 6.1-

Best practices to backup a vRealize Network Insight Cluster-

Download vRNI -

vRNI 6.1 upgrade guide -

vRNI 6.1 System Recommendations and Requirements:

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